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Online Shopping Features Must be Manufactured by Specialized Website Designers.

Figures released by Econsultancy in 2010 showing that out of 2000 shoppers surveyed in the UK 42.6% bought online weekly spending an average of £71 each per month. This demonstrates that online shops are firmly established in UK shopping habits. These figures are steadily increasing as more security measures are put in position to ensure that online shopping is safe, reliable and customer confidence is well established. Benefits for businesses include being open 24 hours per day 7 days weekly, lower overheads and the capacity to track where clients are originating from, which goods are hottest and thus being able to market accordingly; and all they require is just a website. However before rushing to establish an online shopping facility here are a few words of caution . Online selling will be doomed to failure if the business enterprise does not have a product or service which is often sold without human input throughout the sales process; have exactly the same

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